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-1. Email: Sales@tcgjunkie.com ; Sales, tracking, general questions


-2. Buylist Questions: Buyer@tcgjunkie.com


-Where are you guys located?

We are across from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas

TCG Junkie

1631 e Sunset Rd Suite C102

Las Vegas, NV 89119



- I just placed my order When will it ship out?

-Shipments are 6 days a week, monday-saturday (excluding major holidays).


What is the latest I can place an order and have it sent out the same day?

-If you place your order at 12pm or earlier it will go out the same day.


-I'm not happy with the condition of the cards I received, or cards were missing from my order. What are my options?

- We are extremely careful to make sure that every card shipped stated as NM condition is actually in NM condition. 

That said, very rarely something may slip past us, if you feel that the condition of the cards you have received significantly differs from what the Grading Chart outlines, 

please feel free to email us with your concerns. Usually I will ask you to send back misgraded cards for inspection.

If concluded that an error has been made, a refund or replacement of cards noted will be decided in your favor at our expense. 

(Please note: Cards in heavily played or poor condition are not eligible to be returned in this way.) 


Why didn't I receive a receipt/invoice with my international order?

 This is done to prevent delays and unfortunately theft when shipments go through customs in other countrys and also to ensure your hard earned money doesn't go to ridiculous customs fees. Shipments are sent with a low declared value, vague description and no invoice. Figuring out the safest way to ship globally is my commitment to you as an international customer. The most secure method for shipment is registered mail, please select this option during checkout for the highest level of security for your international shipment.